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Season 2 Episode 63

Tonight Jason and Kate take a deep dive with Justin Harrison creator of "You, Only Virtual", a revolutionary new AI program machine learning to map and recreate the relationship dynamics between you and your loved one through conversation– enabling authentic communication upon one’s passing.  He'll be taking us through how he got here with his own mother, and about where things are headed as the company prepares to launch.   He'll also talk about Jason's involvement with YOV, and he'll be taking your comments and questions live!   Plus we'll catch up with what Jason and Kate each have going on in the world of parenting. Don't miss it!

Listen to the Full Episode Here:

Latest News


YOV Mentioned in TIME 100 in AI


YOV in Japan

I want to regenerate my late mother with an AI alter ego. Overcoming the sadness of death through technology.


YOV in Yahoo! News

AI takes on grief and loss, with new chatbot that lets you talk to dead loved ones

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